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Beach Tips and Tricks

Trip to an exotic beach place can definitely rejoice your life with great deal of fun and excitement. Whether you are visiting to the country of beaches, like Malaysia islands, or you are planning to dive in during leisure in a business tour, you should know some important points about the beach trip.

Know about rules first

02No matter, how much you know about the country or the state you are travelling through; knowing in detail about beach tour is really an important thing. For instance, in Dominant republic, you cannot collect more than a fix number of sea shells to bring with you towards home. This kind of offence is fined. Thus, you should know first about do’s and dont’s relevant to the particular beach.

Pack a sun block lotion and baby powder

People who want to secure their skin from sharp sun should pack a sunscreen and baby powder with them.  Applying lotion over your skin during rest period after scuba diving and swimming will help you feel relaxed and getting a protection layer against sun. Similarly, after follow up bath, you can spread baby powder over the body for a refreshing make up.

Keep your camera within Ziploc bag

If you want to keep your camera free from sand and scratches, you can keep it within the Ziploc bag. In this way, you will not loss your expensive camera due to a little careless approach.

First aid kit

Carrying a first aid kit with you will make your trip simple and stress free.  Keeping sewing needles, buttons, tweezers and antibiotic wipes with an antibacterial cream and some band aids in the box will help you to treat your small wounds and cuts yourself.