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A dinner out at the sea is a pleasure not only for humans but for thousands of domestic pets, first of all dogs, as well. If it does not bring uncomforting to the other people around and if you feel your pet is smart and trained enough – never miss a chance to do so. However, there are simple yet vital to dogs things to check before you depart and remember about while on the beach. These tips are amust to first time pet owners, who recently or for the first time decided to buy a puppy and make your life more active.
The most hazardous danger of a dog or a puppy at the beach in the dinner time is of course heat. Consequences of a heat dogs-beachstrike may be very serious. Overheated dog will feel drowsy, weak and if the body temperature goes above 42C heart, liver, kidneys and brain just fail. Luckily, there are measures one may take to prevent his pet from going that bad and that are easy to remember:
– Never leave a dog in the car during hot sunny day
– If you are walking for long in the sun remember to make occasional stops and let your dog drink a bit
– Avoid active games during hot days. These would be more suitable for early morning or late evening times, when the air is cooler and carries no danger
– Dip into cool water is the best and the fastest way to cool a dog. Use the chance if there is an opportunity around.
– In the beach – make sure your dog is lying in the shade.
– There are many types of cooling clothes for dogs these day – these are available for typically USD 20 – 80. Buy one as you will need it sooner or later.dogs_beaches
– Dogs eat less in the heat – so make sure your pet has one but complex and nutritious meal per day
If you still noticed that your dog has been heat stricken – act immediately. Cool down its body and get some water for it. Your immediate action may save your dog’s life. Once you have bought a puppy it is only you who carry all the responsibilities for his or her life.
Here is a bit different set of heatstroke prevention tips from Robert Newman at

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