Anomalous Weather | Christmas 2014

“Dream about calm, nice and warm winter? Go to Egypt or Canary Islands”: travel agencies are declaring. Not in winter 2014!

Strange and unknown weather in 2014 December on popular winter resorts: in Egypt snow, in Israel a blizzard, on Canary Islands people play snowballs.

Pyramids are in snowdrifts, the sphinx with fresh snow… Unusual photos of the Egyptian sunny sights come to internet this week. But sceptics quickly besieged enthusiasts; information regards anomaly weather in Cairo is false.

To be honest, snow was in Egypt and photos are real. But all together is deception. It was a paradoxical situation in Cairo with snow: it passed and local people, some travelers saw this rare phenomenon for Africa. But local meteorological stations didn’t record it. The thing is that height of snow cover is measured at the same time every per day and when the time for making records come all snowflakes already thawed.

And the photo of sphinx in snow – was made not in Egypt, in Japan. The copy (with pyramids together) located in Tobu World Square park. As well as models of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, St. Basil’s Cathedral and other 45 popular travel beauties. These pictures, photos of copies were very good for news about weather anomalies in Cairo, so local operators decided to use them.12

Weather in 2014 December is really anomaly. In Hurgada daytime temperature from 15 till 21 degrees, very cold for this time and terrible for European and Russian travelers who come to spend 2014 December in warm country. In Israel a blizzard and temperature about zero: public buses are not going, people in panic buying warm winter clothes.

We can see snow even in the mountains of Cyprus. In Antalya nights are very cold, day temperature around+6. Istanbul filled up with snow.

13People play snowballs even on Canary Islands! On the island of Tenerife snow covered volcano’s slopes of Teide and roads.

Forecasters promise that in the next few days weather in popular sunny resorts will become normal — so for these who plan to spend New year 2014 Eve in warm country, it isn’t necessary to change a bathing suit for mittens urgently!

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