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How to be Top on Beach

Tips to look beautiful on beach

So, you have got your tickets booked for a beach trip. Well, you should not forget to plan for a great look while visiting the place exactly. Here are some unbeatable tips to look awesome-

Smooth clean your body with an exfoliation

Don’t forget removing all the unwanted hairs of your body and become the owner of smooth clean gorgeous body. Following this smoothening with a good exfoliation session will leave you with a lucrative body. 04Try scrubbing whole body during shower and just after shave your legs. Apply moisturizer and body lotion with a soft and smooth feel.

Shop pretty swimsuits

You should go shopping for good quality swimsuits as per your figure. Prefer the kind of swimming costume you feel comfortable in. if you possess a body with tummi, tankini dress will help you hide this. Halter neck bikini top with cups and underwire bras will let you look sexy. Ruffled tops will cool over small bust.

Get a tanned look

If you want to look like a beach baby, nothing can be better idea than applying tanned moisturizer lotion throughout the body for a tanned look.  No matter, whatever your skin complexion is, tanning moisturizer will make you beautiful within seconds.

A complete make up trend

Spraying hair spray on your hair will protect your hair from harmful sunrays. Also, you should apply some irresistible fragrant through summer deodorant is good idea. Completing your look with waterproof mascara, tinted moisturizer, soft blush and lip balm can make you a complete beach beauty. Sunny yellow nail color and aqua eye shadow will make your look complete with gorgeous makeover.