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Fun-time Activities

If beach fun is what you like check out the popular and interesting beaches around the world. Be it any beach you can trot around to visit and enjoy a great getaway. Some beaches offer a luxury resort experience and many others are excellent for different beach activities.

Fun-time Activities

For any beach enthusiast there’s really so much to do on a beach. Get moving for a round SONY DSCof your favorite beach sport, take a surf board and head out to the ocean or just pitch up an umbrella and get a nice tan with sunbathing. You can have clean fun under the open sky and so much more to do! Evenings are great for beach-side parties.

 Find Out the Best Beach to Vacation

The world’s most exciting beach destinations offer a variety of activity based or restful fun. Many websites showcase different popular, clean and happening beaches with excellent sand quality, safety and great locale. You can sift through beaches and marinas spread across 48 countries- some popular, others lesser known but equally inviting and great to explore. Maldives, Bora Bora in Tahiti, Bali Batuligh in Indonesia and Hawaii beaches are great holiday fun.

Different Hues to Explore

You fancy a black-sand beach? Explore the stunning stretches of the Muriwai beach in New Zealand. Exotic beaches like the purple-sand Big Sur in California aren’t that great for swimming, but hey you gotta check out the rare coloration. An orange sand beach like the Porto Ferro in Italy has great facilities for surfing and diving. You can also explore the gray, multicolored, white, pink, red and green-sand beaches.